calla_webSome 25 years ago the love for this plant began to grow. Still employed they hired some 200 m² in a plastic hothouse from the Boss. They heated their small “nursery” with propane or oil-fired hot air guns, to keep out the frost. Less professional than now. In 1995 the brothers independently started their company with a 8,000 m² professionally equipped hothouse. As of now they grow Callas on more than 30,000 m². In addition, they participate in the nursery in Costa Rica which is mainly focused on the American market.

It all started with a plant given by a lady from Australia that grew the flower in a converted hobby closet. The brothers immediately fell in love with this ornamental plant and took off to develop the plant further which resulted in the most famous among the ARA: the Calla Highwood. A strong and well-known name on the leading auctions. Flower connoisseurs will not instantly link the Calla Highwood to the Klaver Brothers. Yet they are the developers and name givers of this beautiful flower. After all, the roots of the Klaver family lie in the North-Holland town of Hoogwoud.

Continuing on the Calla Highwood they came six years ago after big endeavour and with great passion to the pink Calla Highwood Flamingo.

Last but not least; some 20 years ago almost no Arum lily was traded and today they are a significant part of the daily trading. Partly due to the Klaver Brothers.



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