Strengths and advantages of the Calla Flamingo®

calla_webWhat are the strengths and advantages of the Flamingo®,

Its unique color in bud intensifies when she opens. The strong pink color, its sturdy thick stems with the hardness from the Colombo de la pax and the strong chalice from the Calla Highwood. Those features enable picking the flower rolled up in bud, but it will always open in the vase and most importantly: retain its soft pink color.

 Calla Ethiopica Flamingo® compared to Zantedeschia Pink Mist:

  • the Flamingo® is resistant to diseases;
  • the number of flowers at the Flamingo® is much higher;
  • the Flamingo® continues to give new flowers during a great period of time, both in and after a warm period;
  • the Flamingo® planted in the spring, gives a flower in the first year and more than twenty the second year. 

Put the Flamingo® as a container plant on your patio or your garden out of the full sun, you will see the flowers color beautifully.

Often, the Zantedeschia tubers are treated with g/a 4 in order to give more flowers but by doing this the tubers and therefore the plant dramatically weakens and are easily infected. The Flamingo® rhizome gives is so flower full that such treatment is absolutely unnecessary.

So, if you have large rhizomes in April/May in your garden or a container (with a tub you have the advantage that can put it inside to prevent it from freezing) your reward in the same year will be 3 to 4 flowers. When you plant in September/October cover the plants with straw, if planted in the ground. The following year, the Flamingo® plant will bloom again and will delight every gardener with 20 to 25 flowers.

All of this is not possible with Pink Mist because you will have to treat them with g/a 4 and that will weaken the plant substantially.


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