Calla Flamingo ®

The Klaver Brothers, Theo and Kees, developers and nomenclators of the internationally renowned Calla Highwood, used this flower as a basis for the unique Calla Flamingo ®.

This pink Calla Lilies ‘gem’ with patented plant variety are well-known around the world  and has been awarded three times with the 1st prize.
The scientific name of the Calla is: Zantedeschia aethiopica. The flower has its origins in southern Africa and was formerly known as Ethiopian arum.

Still, the white arum is primarily associated with mourning, especially in many Asian countries. Nowadays even on festive occasions the Calla shows more and more its beauty and elegance. Put stately and graceful in a vase solitary or with other flowers prominent in a bouquet.

In short … the Calla: Royal between its Peers!


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