The Calla Lily is a truly unique and elegant flower. Their shape is like no other and are available in a huge range of  stem lengths & colors from pastel creams and peaches through vibrant Flamingo® pink, cerise, red, bi-colored to nearly black!

Calla Lilies are grown from bulbous roots called tubers and are known under a variety of different names such as Pig Lilies, Calla Lilies, Arum Lilies, Trumpet Lilies and Zantedeschia. Calla Lilies are not really lilies – they are part of the Zantedeschia genus and originate from the southern part of Africa. Calla Lilies are grown commercially in glass hothouses.

Calla Lilies are an extremely popular wedding flower used widely in bridal bouquets, table arrangements, button holes and venue decoration creating a modern and elegant feel. Calla Lilies are available in different varieties and stem lengths thus offering different flower sizes.


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